Tang Soo Do

Our Philosophy

Our goal at Valley Tang Soo Do Academy is simple: Promoting Self-Defense, Good Health, and Strong Character through traditional martial arts training.

Although our message and values are traditional, our instructional methods have changed with the times; don't worry, traditional doesn't mean you get beat up or ridiculed by your instructor for doing something wrong.

Martial arts is not about who can 'knock who's block off'; although Valley Tang Soo Do Academy will give you the physical training to do just that...more importantly, we'll help to instill in you or your child the good sense and respect not to, unless it's absolutely unavoidable.

Our Association

Valley Tang Soo Do Academy is proud to be a certified member studio with the World Tang Soo Do Association.

What does this mean to you?

As a member of Valley Tang Soo Do Academy and the WTSDA in turn, you’ll be part of a family that’s 100,000 members strong and growing. Also, with over 600 schools in 38 countries, chances are wherever you travel or relocate to, there will be a certified studio nearby that recognizes your rank and welcomes you as family.

Association membership includes rank and promotion certification, newsletters, and invitations to its sanctioned events such as tournaments, clinics, and camps.

Valley Tang Soo Do Academy was inducted into the World Tang Soo Do Association Hall of Fame as "Studio of the Year" for 2010.